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Northern Graphite’s 100% owned Bissett Creek deposit is located in southern Canada with easy access to labor, natural gas, equipment and supplies, ports and markets. It is an advanced stage project that has a full feasibility study and its major environmental permit. The Company believes Bissett Creek has the highest margin, best flake size distribution and lowest marketing risk of any new graphite project, and has the added advantages of low capital costs and realistic production levels relative to the size of the market.

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Future demand for graphite is not dependent on just one technology.  There are a number of new applications which are commercial now and which are expected to experience strong growth.

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Graphite Prices

Recently, large flake graphite prices have increased approximately 40% after a long period of depressed prices caused by the slowdown in the Chinese economy and lower steel demand. Higher prices were due to an improvement in the steel market, environmental related production shutdowns in China and continued strong growth in lithium ion battery demand. While still early stages, this is the first real sign that battery demand is finally doing for graphite prices what it has already done for lithium and cobalt. Large flake (+80 mesh) graphite is now selling for up to US$$1,300 per tonne compared to US$750/t in 2017. Prices peaked at $2,800/t in 2012 which was largely due to the commodity super cycle and steel demand as batteries were a small part of the market. Batteries now account for approximately 25% of graphite demand and continue to grow rapidly. Steel demand is also recovering and production issues continue in China, both of which are very positive for graphite prices.

Graphite Supply

China produces over 70% of the world’s graphite.  Its industry is very fragmented with many labor and environmental issues and mines that are getting older, deeper and higher cost.  Recently, over 30% of Chinese flake graphite production was shut down, either because it was uneconomic or for environmental reasons.  These issues have particularly affected the production of large and extra large flake. China is modernizing and consolidating much of its mining industry to provide for more professional management of its resources and is building new graphite mines to produce small flake for the battery market. However, China is also constructing a number of LiB “megafactories” which will consume most of this production. Secure sources of western supply are needed, particularly large and XL flake.


Graphene is one of the top research topics in the world with billions of dollars of funding committed.  At present there is no process for making commercial quantities of graphene and there are no commercial products based on the unique properties of real graphene.   Dozens if not hundreds of organizations are working on these challenges and once solved, the results could revolutionize the way we work and live.  Natural graphite is one source of graphene and will probably supply lower technology applications such as conductive inks and coatings and composite materials.  There are up to three million layers of graphene in a one millimeter thickness of graphite so a little goes a long way.How graphene might change the world

Electric Vehicles

EVs are not going to replace the internal combustion engine.  However, there are many uses and markets where they make sense including short range commuting, city driving, taxis and delivery vehicles.  EVs only need to become modestly successful to have a big effect on the graphite market.  If one per cent of the annual new car market (about 1,000,000 cars) were EVs, world flake graphite production would have to increase by about 20% and multiple new mines would be required.  The proposed Tesla “gigafactory” requires up to six new mines.  China alone plans on having five million EVs by 2020.

New Markets

Expandable graphite is one of the fastest growing markets along with Li ion batteries.  It involves treating XL flake graphite with a dilute acid solution and heating it to cause the flakes to split apart and increase hundreds of time in volume.  This material is pressed into sheets which can be cut into shapes and used in many applications including thermal management in consumer electronics, advanced building materials, heat and corrosion resistant gaskets, fuel cells and flow batteries.  Expandable graphite is the only graphite market to experience rising prices in recent years and Chinese production of extra large flake, which is required to make it, is declining.

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InvestorIntel: Northern Graphite’s Greg Bowes on why Graphite Should be Next